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We are Approved vendor of CLW and BHEL
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JMW Company
JMW India Private limited was started in May-2006 with a plant of Annual capacity of 10000TPA of Oxygen free copper wire rod of various sizes from 8 mm to 30 mm in collaboration from china. The plant is located in the industrial area of Bari brahmna Distt Sambha(J&K).
Presently JMW India Private(JMW Copper) is the Pioneer in making OFC copper wire rod and are the Prime Leaders in North Sector and catering the requirements of wire rods, copper strips and PIC copper strips to Prestigious Electrical industries and Transformer Industry all over India. JMW further diversify their products and aided Value addition by making Copper conductors, Strip, and bus bar’s along with Paper Covered Strip of an installed capacity of 3000TPA and established the market in a very short time, today supplying Paper covered strip to Power Transformer Industries and also got there product registered with big companies like M/s BHEL , Chitranjan Locomotives works(CLW) to whom we are registered Vendors and supplying them on regular basis. Recently JMW India Limited has got BIS Certification for ISI marks on their products.
As An Quality enhancement JMW has moderate Testing facility, comprising of equipment Like Profile Projector, Vickers Hardness Tester, Resistivity Meter and Lecco oxygen Analyzer, Spectro-Analyser and Insulation Tester etc to control the quality of their product as per IS Standards .

In Brief to make oxygen free copper wire rod, Up-cast wire rod technology Where as a small electric furnace is used for melting the cathodes and the rod are cast by using different Size of die coolers is used, In order to control the oxygen Molten baths are covered with graphite/charcoal to keep the reducing atmosphere and all process parameter are controlled precisely for achieving the desired quality. At JMW Copper all plant and accessory was imported from china and was commissioned and stabilized the quality in collaboration with China.

The Melting furnace is divided in two chambers, 1st one is melting chamber and the other one is casting chamber where as Die coolers are used to cast different size of wire rod through capillary action and graphite dies are used as to cast for different sizes , here at JMW India Limited wire rod of 8mm,12 mm 16 mm 25 mm can cast as per demand.

These wire rods are further converted in to copper strip by Extrusion process where as copper wire rod of different sizes are feed as per desired cross section of finished product. At JMW Extrusion Machine TLJ-300 and TLJ-350 was Imported from china.

Paper covered strips of different sizes are made by using Fully Automatic paper covering machine where as imported Craft paper is used to meet the requirement of Transformer industry.


Presently the JMW India Limited is No.1 In Commercial selling and are is the Leaders in North Sector, This is achieved only by making the product of high Quality. In the year 2010-2011 JMW achieve Zero Rejection (No Complaint)

At JMW copper we have Started we have started Production of Bunch Conductors to ECE Sonipat on regular basis, also supplied material(Rectangular bus bar) to CLW in Bulk by satisfying there requirement in quality.

JMW India Limited is further diversifying his product by putting Super Enamel Strip/Copper plant and other value aided lines in near futures at their other plant in Bhiwadi (Chopanki)

Benefits of using Oxygen free cooper wire rod.
A High Conductivity,
B High Formability
C Best Suited for Extrusion
D Comparatively Soft
E Operation Flexibility

Because of above quality it is widely used in Electrical industry.